Friday, 24 June 2016

Independence for London

The rest of the UK  has voted (apart from Scotland and Ulster) to leave the EU,  London, in contrast  has voted strongly to remain in the EU, with majorities in many London boroughs at 70%+.

So today, I am starting the Campaign for London Independence within the EU.

London is now not just economically different from the rest of the UK but politically, culturally and socially very different. London relies on business with the EU, as the EU's financial centre and will suffer greatly if this financial centre is moved to Frankfurt. London is also a tolerant, inclusive and multicultural city and its strength as a vibrant global trading centre relies on this.

London and the rest of the UK are as different as chalk and cheese, and have been functioning as different countries for a long time. The Leave vote outside London has thrown this into sharp relief and it must be remembered that London stands to lose most from leaving the EU; around 650,000 jobs are under threat.

So the solution is for London to leave the United Kingdom and rejoin the EU, as a full member, and this is what I am proposing. London can then retain its status as financial centre and continue to build itself as a vibrant, tolerant and prosperous city. Scotland will have a new referendum and is likely to vote to leave the UK even though the majority in favour of remaining in the EU are much lower there than in London.

This blog marks the start of a campaign to get the mayor of London to hold a referendum on independence for Greater London, for London to be a separate state, independent of the UK.

There are plenty of examples of successful city states both now and in the past. Singapore, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Venice, Athens, Rome, Shanghai, Bremen, Bahrein, Monaco, Basel, Geneva, Tangier, Lubeck...

An independent London would be able to govern itself, and allow the rest of the UK, now obviously very different from London politically, socially and economically to follow its own path, choosing its own route, although obviously with close links; London would still be part of the commonwealth and her majesty the Queen would still be able to retain her residence here. London would then be free to join the Euro, have a separate London Pound or use the UK Pound whichever was most beneficial to us. We would be free from political interference from those outside London who wish to live separately from Europe. They would be free to pursue their dreams of separateness while London retains its unique European character as a full member of the EU.

London would be the 13th or 14th Largest nation in the EU, at around the same population as Austria, and bigger than Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta.

I will be organising meetings soon and proposing to inaugurate a Campaign for London Independence shortly to start the push for an independent, tolerant, vibrant, diverse, unique and prosperous city separate from the UK and rejoining the EU. Watch this space.

Natacha Kennedy


  1. I'm in. London as an independent city state right now is a dream - but it could and should become a reality