Friday, 24 June 2016

Inclusiveness and Diversity

One of the visions for an Independent London is that it will be vastly different from the Ukip vision for an "independent" UK. The London Independence Campaign is intended to preserve the multicultural, diverse, inclusive and varied beauty of London.

London os a great city and our diversity is our strength. Unlike Farage I delight in hearing different languages spoken on trains, buses and the tube, and this is a sentiment I share with almost every Londoner I know, it is why I love living here and have made this wonderful city my home. London is not just a centre for finance it is a centre for culture, for the arts, for international trade and for education with two of the world's top 25 universities.

Londoners value this diversity and it is what makes us tick as a city. Leaving the UK and rejoining the EU is not only good for the people of London, it will be good for the EU and protect our citizens against the inevitable rise of the far right in parts of England.  The aftermath of the EU referendum in the UK is going to be chaotic and damaging to the UK. Londoners have the opportunity to protect our city and provide a safe haven for our citizens and an open forward-looking country that will provide all our people with a safe and genuinely happy future. A prosperous and inclusive London is the only way forward now.

Leaving the UK should be first and foremost regarded as rejoining the EU, it is not about division but about unity and diversity.


  1. Excellent points, I couldn't agree more Natacha...

  2. Excellent points, I couldn't agree more Natacha...